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Crooked household moving companies
Crooked household moving companies

Some a very very small few household moving companies are crooked.

The stories I could tell you, well this one that's in mind air1moving north hollywood would abuse the holding of furniture untill geting over paid for bogus charges added to the bill. 

They held all the furniture everything the babies crips the kids stuff all everything until they extorted money from them. You know the right thing would have been to release everything they were already paid. But you know the temptation to ripp people off was just to overwhelming. And of course there mad at me for telling the truth even to the extent of trying to make me look as bad as them by false accusations. You should just be a little deligent when moving your household and handing over all your worldly belongings to strangers that use false good ratings that are paid for not real. A good thing to do is word of mouth if someone you know had a good experince with a moving company most likely you should too.

Sunday, July 30 2017

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